THE ONLINE CATALOG WILL BE CLOSED AT THE END OF THIS YEAR, HOWEVER, OUR EBAY PARTNER WILL STILL BE SELLING RELICS FROM OUR INVENTORY – the seller’s user name is ryantier. I have also opened an Etsy store featuring some artistic digital prints. Most are historic and several are of Civil War sites. The links to Ebay and Etsy are below. This site will remain online and will provide links to new items on both Ebay and Etsy.

It is all about the provenance!  When I began collecting Civil War artifacts back when I was a child, I was always much more interested in the recovery location of an artifact than the rarity or value of the artifact itself.  As a historian, I have made every effort to acquire artifacts with solid provenance.  The intent of this website is to offer Civil War relics with a historical connection so that the collector can feel secure in the knowledge that they are getting something from a specific event or place.  Each item includes a provenance letter with all of the details that I know about the piece.

The catalog is updated once a week – usually on Wednesday.  You can browse the artifacts based upon recovery location or item type.  You can also choose to look at all of the items that have been recently listed (the “New” section) or a section of clearance items.  Enjoy browsing the site and don’t hesitate to shoot me an email with any questions or comments.  Thanks for stopping by!