About Me

Since I began collecting Civil War relics as a young boy, I have always been interested in the provenance of the items that I purchased.  As a historian, identifying where and when an item was found or who owned it before me is vital to my collecting interest.  In my many years of collecting, I have taken great care to research the history of relics that I have acquired and I try to identify all of the relics that I sell by location provenance. If you cannot something in my online catalog that interests you (although, be sure to check back as I typically add new items each week), be sure to stop by our shop, Artifact at 777, when you are in Gettysburg.  Here you will find a wide variety of Civil War artifacts from various battlefields and Civil War sites that are not on the website.  You will also be able to shop for Civil War letters and documents, ancient and medieval artifacts, handcrafted jewelry, art and various other interesting things.

I have been interested in the Civil War since I first visited Gettysburg when I was nine years old.  I began collecting small artifacts in the 1970s.  By the early 1980s, my collection was growing rapidly.  I purchased items with good provenance when I could find them.  Although my main collecting interest at the time was Gettysburg items, I tried to pick up anything that was connected with specific battlefields.  To me, the true value of the item was derived from the specific event or location to which it was connected.  I knew that I was preserving history by focusing on items with strong provenance but it also made the item more significant to me because I knew that it “had been there.”  My collection expanded rapidly when I began to relic hunt in the early 1980s.  Although I did not have the time to hunt frequently, I got out into the field when I could.  Among the locations I was able to hunt was the historic Rummel Farm on the East Cavalry Field at Gettysburg (when it was still private property and after I received permission!)

After moving to Gettysburg in 2002, I had a much greater opportunity to find relics for sale – particularly relics with good Gettysburg provenance.  Today, I am still on the lookout for relics and relic collections being sold around Gettysburg.  I always look for the items that have specific location or specific ownership provenance.   If you have any Antietam or Gettysburg items or relics with solid recovery information from any location that you might want to sell or trade, please contact me!!  I have earned a reputation as an honest seller and I am very proud of that fact!  I have always wanted to own my own shop and now that dream has come true.