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JUST ADDED ON 1/22 - THE BATTLE OF NASHVILLE / SHY'S HILL / CONFEDERATE LINES - One Enfield Bullet found in 1963 - Buy More Than One for a Discounted Price

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BUY MORE THAN ONE FOR A DISCOUNTED PRICE. Artifacts from the Battle of Nashville, particularly those found at Shy's Hill which was the site of the Union attack that ended the battle and essentially finished Hood's Army, are very rare. These Enfield bullets were recovered in front of the Confederate position on Shy's Hill (probably in 1963). These artifacts come out of the collection of William Reger who lived in Berks County, Pennsylvania and relic hunted at a variety of sites from the late 1950s to the mid 1970s. Reger carefully identified his artifacts with typed labels. The December, 1864 Battle of Nashville represented a last stand of Hood's Army of Tennessee after its disastrous assault at the Battle of Franklin. Shy's Hill was originally known as Compton's Hill, but was renamed after Lt. Colonel William Shy of the 20th Tennessee, who was killed here during the battle. The bullet that you get will come from the group shown in the photograph (although you will not be able to pick out a specific bullet). A provenance letter will be included.

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