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JUST ADDED ON 10/15 - THE BATTLE OF COLD HARBOR - Sword Scabbard Throat - Possibly Battle Damaged

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A brass sword scabbard throat (4 1/2 inches long) that was recovered at the site of the Battle of Cold Harbor. Recovered in an area where artillery fragments and case shot were found, it is tempting to conclude that the damage was caused during battle when the scabbard was struck, but there is no way of knowing this for certain. After the bloody battles at the Wilderness and Spotsylvania, Ulysses S. Grant continued to move his army south while Robert E. Lee attempted to counter every move in order to stay between the Union Army and Richmond. Their next major fight was around a crossroads known as Cold Harbor, close to the old Gaines’ Mill Battlefield. The Confederates quickly built and extensive system of trenches, forcing the Union Army to attack positions that were heavily fortified. The end result was several very costly frontal assaults including attacks on June 3rd which cost the Union Army 7000 casualties in less than an hour. Many of the men who fell were left to suffer in the summer heat where they fell between the opposing lines. The failed attacks at Cold Harbor led some papers in the North to give the Union commander the name “Butcher Grant.” A provenance letter will be included.

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