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JUST ADDED ON 2/12 - GETTYSBURG - THE WHEATFIELD AREA - ROSENSTEEL FAMILY - .69 Caliber Musket Ball with Possible Teeth Marks

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This .69 caliber musket ball, which looks like it might have teeth marks on it (most likely caused by an animal, although some people call them hospital or pain bullets) was found in the wooded area between the Wheatfield and the area known as the loop (the road that leads away from the Wheatfield passes through here - it is the area that the Irish Brigade Monument is in). This artifact was a part of the collection of Iva Rosensteel, sister of George Rosensteel (founder of the Gettysburg National Museum and the famous Electric Map) so the provenance could not be better. This is the first time that this artifact is being offered for public sale and I feel very privileged in the opportunity to offer it. The Rosensteels were, of course, the most famous artifact collecting family in Gettysburg and the bulk of the relics on display at today's Gettysburg National Park Visitor Center come from the Rosensteels. A signed provenance letter will be provided with this relic.

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