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JUST ADDED ON 5/22 - ANTIETAM / MILLER'S CORNFIELD / THE WILSON FARM - Pulled/Misfired Bullet with Teeth Marks

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This bullet which was pulled from the musket barrel by the soldier after it misfired also has teeth marks on it. Although some people claim that this evidence that this is a hospital or pain bullet, it is more likely that the marks were left by an animal. It was found on the farm that is enclosed by the Cornfield Road, Smoketown Road and Old Hagerstown Pike (known today as the Wilson Farm). During the battle, this area was between the Cornfield and the Dunker Church and also included a portion of the East Woods. It saw heavy action throughout the morning of the battle (I have included a map that shows the location of the farm during the morning of the battle). This is one of the few farms on the heart of the battlefield that was still in private hands (until purchased for preservation recently) and saw intense fighting and significant bloodshed. This bullet was found by a relic hunter in October of 2001 (with permission). I will include a signed letter of provenance.

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