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JUST ADDED ON 6/15 - ANTIETAM / BURNSIDE'S BRIDGE - .69 Caliber Round Ball

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A .69 caliber round ball that was recovered in the 1980s (private property at the time) on the west side of Burnside Bridge in the area where the Confederates struck the Union line during their advance after crossing the bridge (a photo of a map has been included to show the location). The bullet has a "shovel ding" in it. The private farm, known as the Shade Farm, included almost the entire area of the current "Final Attack" walking trail on the battlefield as well as the area known at the time as the "40 Acre Cornfield." The property also included several monuments, including the one to the 16th Connecticut which was hit hard at the site during the Confederate counter attack. I just acquired this bullet directly from the relic hunter who found it, so it is the first time that it is being offered for sale. A provenance letter will be included.

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