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JUST ADDED ON 9/14 - THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG / CASHTOWN / CONFEDERATE APPROACH - Rare Pulled/Misfired Colt Dragoon Revolver Bullet with Relic Hunter's ID

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You don't see pulled/misfired revolver bullets very often. This is a nice example of a .44 caliber Colt Dragoon bullet that has a deep bullet worm hole in the nose. It was recovered many years ago on South Mountain Farm which sits on the Cashtown Pike about one mile east of Cashtown. The relic hunter marked it "S.M.F." to identify the South Mountain Farm location. This area apparently saw heavy activity from the Confederates as they approached Gettysburg. It was relic hunted for many years and produced numerous Confederate plates and buttons. This comes from a relic hunter who was among the first (if not the first) to hunt there. The farm is protected now, so no more relic hunting can occur. A provenance letter will be included.
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